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Facebook is being a little bitchy at the moment, apparently. :p
So I'm posting these photos here, too. Sorry. ;-) (With a little more commentary though. *g*)

So, Sister Act yesterday...


The 2nd time (and probably last, at least for a very looong time now it's leaving Hamburg...) I saw this musical. It was pretty much a perfect evening. <3 The show was absolutely fantastic, of course!! I enjoyed it every bit as much as the last time, maybe even more. *g* It's just so much fun and leaves you all in a happy mood. :-) Although it might also leave you a bit blind after all that glittering in the last scene... LOL ;-)

Castlist of the evening:

I had the same cast for Shank, Mary Patrick, Eddie and Monsignore as last year. The rest was completely different, which made for a nice change. And they all were brilliant! Afterwards at the stagedoor I didn't only get to meet the 3 people I had hoped for (namely Cusch, Tetje and Armin) but also some more as a "bonus". :D *yay*

Stagedoor pics )

Well, all in all a lovely evening was had and I'm sad to see the show leave Hamburg this Sunday... :-(
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- Dentist appointment tomorrow. *ugh* Definitely not keen on that. :-/

- I still have no placement for an internship... This sucks big time, especially as the internship period is actually supposed to start on 3 September already, which only gives me 2 more weeks now to find something... *is deperate* Seems pretty unlikely, when so far I wasn't able to find anything in the past 8-9 weeks, right? *facepalm* I have one more interview on Monday (please keep your fingers crossed again!! pleeeaaase), but if that doesn't work out, frankly I don't know what to do... :-/

- On the weekend I finally managed to "update" my framed stagedoor photos. :D Had to take 6 older pictures out to fit 3 of the new London ones in and it was really hard to arrange them so they all would fit into the frame... ;-) It seriously took me an hour or so. o_o *lol* But I'm quite happy with the result now. :-)

(Sorry for picture quality here, especially in the bottom right area... Things and lights keep reflecting on the surface, so it's pretty hard to take a somewhat decent photo. ;-) *g*)

In the pictures (from left to right/ top to bottom, sort of *lol*): Michael Ball, Ben Mansfield, Philip Quast (yep, he's allowed to be in there twice <3), Reece Shearsmith, Simon Bowman, Norm Lewis, Killian Donnelly, Kasper Holmboe, Matt Rawle, Roger Allam, Veit Schäfermeier, Pia Douwes, Fredrik Wickerts, Thomas Borchert, Jörn Linnenbröker, Jerzy Jeszke, Aleks di Capri, Jens Janke, Felix Martin, Norbert Kohler and Olegg Vynnyk. Well, and myself, obviously, on some of them. ;D Some of the pictures are also autographed, but it doesn't show here too well...
This is what the frame looked like before btw, if you're interested. ;-) click

- Next week I'm gonna watch Sister Act again. *yay* Sadly the musical is leaving Hamburg on 26 August, so I had to take this as last oppurtunity... Already seen it once last year in July and enjoyed it so very much!! :D It's so much fun and many of the songs are really catchy. *g* Hope I'm as lucky with the cast as I was the last time. :-) 


- Also, if everything goes according to plan (and my boss does actually remember that I want that day off... *rolleyes*) I'm going to meet up with [ profile] fry_addict, [ profile] maggi137 and [ profile] vesperdavid in Hamburg on Saturday the 25th. Really looking forward to that! :-)
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Ok, here we go with the first part of my London 2012 report. :D
I decided to split them into themed entries instead of doing it chronologically by days...

Part 1 )
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Last week I ordered some Sherlock related stuff, a bag and a t-shirt, which I received on Saturday. \o/

The bag instantly became my new standard bag that I use to travel to Hamburg for the training course every day. :D It's awesome!! Pretty decent quality too, it seems.
The shirt at first delivery was a bit too tight unfortunately (even though I checked and compared with their sizetable)... But you can easily send it back to the shop and have it exchanged for another size (you have to pay the postage though if the product value is less than 40€). So today my exchange shirt arrived and it fits now. *yay* Love it! <3 (I'm just glad I chose 2 sizes larger right away, or I would've had the same problem again. *gg*) That was really fast btw. I only sent I off Wednesday and 2 days later it's already here, wow! :-)


Thanks to [ profile] maggi137 for mentioning this online shop! *g* They have lots of other cool and nerdy stuff, so I'm sure I'll order something there again. :D
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First of all, a happy belated birthday to [ profile] cherish4!! I hope a had a nice day! :-)


On Saturday I went to see Dieter Nuhr again. \o/ Totally can't believe it had already been more than a year since the last time... Where did that year go?!? o_o
Anyway, it was fantastic!! I had so much fun! Haven't laughed that much for quite a while. :D I really hope there'll be a DVD of this program, "Nuhr unter uns", next year! (I know a CD is gonna be released soon or soon-ish. *g*)
Afterwards I had a picture taken and got his autograph, of course. :-)


And here's some stuff I bought lately. :D )
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First of all, so I don't forget: a Happy Birthday to [ profile] dunkle_feuer!!
I hope you had a nice day. :-)


Yesterday I spent the whole day in Hamburg. Had a very good time. :-)
My original plan was to walk around a bit and take lots of pictures, but again I ended up mostly in the shopping areas... :p Didn't want to take pictures of the same things as the last time(s) either, so I only took about 15-20 pics in the end, and most of them not even of interest to anyone else but me. *g*

Read more + some pics )
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I've been to London (♥) a couple of times more, but I only have photos in digital form from my last 4 visits... As I have already posted my photos from last year, here is a mix with the ones from 2002, 2006 and 2009. Most of it will look very familiar, maybe only taken from a slightly different angle or something. :D *lol*
Oh yes, and this picspam will be in 2 or 3 parts. Just so you know. ;-)

London - part 1 )
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This should actually have been part of my 2009 England trip pictures, but somehow I never continued with that... *fails* So, better late than never. ;-)

We spent two days in Blackpool (only a couple of hours each though). Which you can probably tell from the pictures, because the first evening it was very cloudy and a bit stormy, and the second day the weather was very nice with mostly blue sky (although still a bit windy). I probably wouldn't want to spend my whole holidays in Blackpool (2-3 days would be alright), but I really enjoyed the place! And somehow I like being in (British) amusement arcades. :D *lol*

This picspam is slightly longer, as I had about 250(!) photos of Blackpool and just wasn't able to narrow them down to a maximum of 45... So I ended up with 58 pics which was still very hard work, believe me. ;D

here they are )
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Gestern abend ging es also endlich mal wieder zu Dieter Nuhr. \o/

Diesmal fand es in einer etwas grösseren Halle statt (die halt auf einen bestimmten Bereich begrenzt wurde). War letztendlich ganz ok da, auch wenn ich den (kleineren) Veranstaltungsort, wo ich ihn die letzten 4 Male live gesehen hatte, doch irgendwie gemütlicher fand... Naja.
Der Auftritt selber war wieder mal einfach nur genial!!! Wir haben sooo viel gelacht, dass es manchmal schon fast weh tat. *rofl* Kann und will da jetzt eigentlich gar nicht konkreteres nennen, da gab es so viele unterschiedliche Themen... Vor allem liebe ich ja auch die etwas morbideren Sachen. *hehe* :D Aber auf jeden Fall war es superlustig! :-)
Ach, und ganz am Anfang ist neben ihm irgendwas kleines in der Luft herumgeflattert (Motte?), das hat er dann erstmal gefangen, und meinte dann "Das ist meine Bühne." *lol*

Das Ganze ging etwa 2,5 Stunden, inklusive 20 Minuten Pause.

Anschliessend gab er wie immer noch Autogramme. :-) Vor uns war ein Mädchen, das uns als sie dran war fragte, ob wir ein Foto machen könnten, aber da meinte er gleich "Nee, das mache ich immer selber". *g* Also hat er es dann versucht... Beim ersten Mal meinte er, er habe jetzt doof geguckt. Beim zweiten Mal hatte er den Finger vor der Linse. Beim dritten Mal wollte der Fotoapparat nicht so richtig, da musste er dann erstmal ein bisschen rumfummeln, kommentiert mit einem "Leck mich doch am Arsch"... *lol**rofl* Naja, irgendwann hat er es dann doch noch hinbekommen. ;-) Wir fanden das ganze jedenfalls höchst amüsant. :D
Bei mir hat's dann zum Glück gleich auf Anhieb geklappt. *gg* Ist auch endlich mal ein Bild, auf dem ich nicht komplett dämlich gucke. *yeah*

War jedenfalls ein sehr schöner, lustiger Abend. :-)
Nächstes Jahr im November kommt er auch wieder, mit neuem Programm. *freu* Werde ich dann wohl demnächst mal nach Karten schauen. :D

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Well, still don't really have anything interesting to report about... So here are just a couple of boring things. ;-) *lol*

- Seems like mentioning to my boss that I'd quite like to have at least one saturday per month off, please, was effective. :D So now I don't have to work on 30 October. *yay* It's my first free saturday since... well, since my holidays in August, I guess. I'm looking forward to that. \o/

- Because I had to take down the picture frames in the corner where now the cat tree is, I made a kind of collage of some of my favourite stagedoor photos in the bigger frame which hangs on the other wall. It wasn't easy arranging the photos so that everything fitted well, let me tell you... Puzzle for adults. :D
Anyhow, this is the result. I really like it. <3
(click to enlarge)

Sorry that the quality of the pic isn't the best. It was quite hard to take a picture without something reflecting on it... ;-)

- Nice weather again today. Took a nearly 10 km walk *yikes*, which then ended in sitting in a coffeehouse and eating some yummy waffles with hot cherries and vanilla ice cream. :-)

And for the German people on my f-list (because the others won't know who I'm talking about *gg*):
- Jetzt sind es nur noch 2 1/2 Wochen bis ich Dieter Nuhr endlich mal wieder live sehe! \o/ Woohoo!! Ich freu mich drauf. :D Auch wenn's diesmal in einer grösseren Veranstaltungshalle sein wird, wo ich noch nicht so richtig weiss, wie's da wohl werden wird... Fand's am bisherigen Veranstaltungsort eigentlich immer recht schön. *seufz*
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Don't mind me. This is a kind of spam. *gg*
I've actually been meaning for a while to share the few "international" autographs I have.
And I'm a bit bored again now. *g* So here we go. :D

sign here, please )

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As I already mentioned, we visited the "Doctor Who - Up Close" exhibition at The Red Dragon Centre when we were in Cardiff Bay on July 23rd.

The pictures )

It was a nice little exhibition. We spent about 1 hour there.
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The second day we spent predominantly in Cardiff Bay.

Cardiff, 23.07.2009

The pictures )

God, just how awesome is Cardiff Bay?!! ♥ Now definitely one of my favourite places! :-) 
The weather was absolutely marvellous! Blue sky and very warm, one of the finest days of our holidays actually. We walked (!) the whole way from the camping site to the Bay and back (with a detour to the city centre too). *uff* In the Norwegian Church we had drinks and a little snack, which was nice.

We also visited the "Doctor Who - Up Close" exhibition in the Red Dragon Centre. But I will upload the pictures in a seperate post. ;-)


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