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Hello all. Yep, as you can see I am still alive... ;-)

I thought it was finally time to make a proper entry again. Well, somewhat proper. It's more like a kind of retrospective update or something. *lol* Mostly an excuse to post pics of my Xmas presents and cat really... ;D

I had a very nice Christmas. :-) As always, I spent Christmas Eve with my parents and both grannies this time.

Our Christmas tree...

...and our Christmas dinner. And no, we didn't eat the cat. :p *lol* Just the goose. But it was delicious!

Xmas presents )

Christmassy cat )

Btw, this is the case I bought for my iPhone. It looks awesome! <3


From 30 December until 4 January I was in Berlin to visit my friend. I've always spent New Year's with her these last past years and we always have a great time! :-) On New Year's Eve we played some board games (Keltis, Dominion and Qwirkle Cubes) which was great fun. :D And in the new year we had a shopping day at Alexanderplatz & Friedrichstrasse and the next day went to the cinema to see The Hobbit. <3

I only took exactly one photo this time. *lol* (Well, and one of her dog, but it didn't actually turn out well...)


Oh, and here's the stuff I bought in Berlin. I basically spent almost all of my Christmas money... *whistles innocently* *gg*


Oh, and my cat had "helped" packing my suitcase for Berlin. Just so you know. :D *lol*

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Wow, haven't updated in ages it seems... :-( Mainly because I don't have much to say (nothing new there *lol*), but also because this time of year is always quite busy.
A big thanks to [ profile] spirited_lizard! I received your card today. :-) It's really cute plus I love the mini!advent calendar. <3
I'm gonna spend New Year's this year with my friend in Berlin again! *squee* It didn't happen last year (sadly), so I'm very happy about it. \o/ I'll be away from 27 Dec until 3 Jan. :-) My aunt + uncle are taking me along to Berlin in their car as they are going to see a musical there, and then I'll get home by train next year.
Lots of new stuff was being had in the last couple of weeks. :D

I'm lovin' Professor Layton (the series is actually one of my favourite for NDS!) and Mario Kart 7 (had never played a game of the series before. So. much. FUN!!! :D)! <3 Haven't had a go at Kingdom Hearts: Recoded and the Runaway game yet though...

Love him. And finally found this DVD for a good bargain price. :-)


And some presents I got for St. Nicholas' Day:

Yay!!! :D

Reindeer "Jingle" <3

chocolate! *yummy*

Also got 3 dishcloths and a bottle of Baileys Irish Cream <3.
So all in all a pretty good haul for the occasion. ;-) We usually only give each other a trifle...
In TV news: I'm finally all caught up with Primeval. \o/ About bloody time too I'd say. *lol* Also watched the Warehouse 13 Christmas Special yesterday (which was good!), so I'm all up-to-date with that that too, as well as with The Big Bang Theory and Community. I'm afraid I'm way behind with everything else though... O_O *ahem*
Next goal is to catch up with Doctor Who series 6 before the Christmas Special. :D I've got 7 episodes left and 11 days, so it should be doable. *g* ;-)
And last but not least: This is the last call to everyone who still wants a Christmas card from me. If you let me have your address until tomorrow afternoon at the latest you'll still get a card from me. :-) Then everything will be send off! ;-)
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First of all, so I don't forget: a Happy Birthday to [ profile] dunkle_feuer!!
I hope you had a nice day. :-)


Yesterday I spent the whole day in Hamburg. Had a very good time. :-)
My original plan was to walk around a bit and take lots of pictures, but again I ended up mostly in the shopping areas... :p Didn't want to take pictures of the same things as the last time(s) either, so I only took about 15-20 pics in the end, and most of them not even of interest to anyone else but me. *g*

Read more + some pics )
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Weird weather today. One minute the sun is out and the next minute the sky's all grey or it's even raining... Definitely no real summer. :-(

I was in the city centre today to get some things. In one shop I stumbled upon this bed-linen set and as it was the only/last one of the kind I just had to buy it. So cute! <3


Also, this little fella was in the post on Friday. ♥

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Well, LJ finally seems to be back to normal. Hooray!! \o/

I was gonna post some more photos from during our living room renovation last week, but LJ was still quite a bit wonky at the time so I didn't... And now there's no need to anymore as the room's more or less finished (apart from a few little things like skirting boards). ;-) Also, the photo wallpaper thingy finally arrived yesterday. *yay* So as soon as we'll have that on the wall I'll take some pictures to show you. :-)

Bought some more My Blue Nose Friends stuff lately. <3 Guess I'm officially obsessed with them now. *lol*
But I can't help it, they are just too cute!!
N'awww )
Also bought another plushie on Ebay, but it's from an UK seller so it might take a couple of days longer to arrive.
Luckily I'm all out of money now, so I can't buy any more for a while... ;-) *gg*

I'm about to finish my Warehouse 13 Season 1 DVDs this evening. Just 2 more episodes to go. I really like this show a lot. :-) It's so much fun and I think I actually like all the characters (so far).
Oh, and I might have squeed a little at the sight of Mark Sheppard in episode 10, because I had totally forgotten that he was a guest star in the show. *gg* Definitely looking forward to seeing more of him in the next season. *yeah*
I'd really like to have a few Warehouse 13 icons, but I don't have any free icon space left at the moment. *boohoo* Guess I'll have to delete some old icons I don't use that often anymore eventually... *sighs* ;-)
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So Kiel Week (Kieler Woche) officially started today.
Here's what I hate about Kiel Week:
1) Traffic. It doesn't actually annoy me that much that there is probably more traffic than usual, but that I can't drive the ways I want, especially in the evenings. Well, I guess technically I could... ;-) But it's a lot more tedious and slow, so I rather drive a slightly longer way to avoid the crowded area.
2) Crowds. Yep, there are always far too many people in the city for my liking. Sorry. :p I like to walk quite fast when going from A to B and this just isn't possible anymore at the moment...
3) The weather. *lol* Ok, I realise that it isn't actually really Kiel Week's fault... But can it really be just coincidence that it always rains most of the time during Kiel Week?? :p

What I really like about Kiel Week though is that there are lots of concerts for free. :-) Ok, I'm mostly only interested in 1 or 2 of them each year, but it's the thought that counts. :D *gg*
Please keep your fingers crossed that it doesn't rain Wednesday evening, because MerQury will be back then! \o/

I just couldn't resist after all and bought two more Blue Nose Friends yesterday. *whistles innocently*

Patch and Dilly

They were the last 2 for the reduced price in the shop. Too bad.

Watched Simon Amstell's stand-up program "Do Nothing" on DVD yesterday. It was really good! :D Although a bit short maybe (60 mins.). ;-) And there was just so much I had heard on Grandma's House before... *lol*

OMG, it's that time of the semester again... There will be tests at school from Monday on for 2 weeks! O_O Nooooooo! *panics* The only upside is that afterwards we will have holidays until 14 August... I don't have any plans for them though, basically because I have NO BLOODY MONEY! *headdesk* :-((

I'm doing a Snack Exchange with [ profile] fantasy_bubbles, btw. So cool! :D I started buying the sweets today and it's just so much fun to choose them. I might get carried away with it a bit... *lol*
I will post a picture of what I sent her after she receives the package, because I don't want her to see beforehand. ;-)


Jun. 15th, 2011 05:49 pm
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For those of you who don't already know, I just love cute but otherwise rather useless things. :D
Something that falls into that category are "My Blue Nose Friends". They are just adorable. <3
Unfortunately they are a bit expensive and there aren't nearly as many available here as I saw in London, but I'm trying to build up a little collection nevertheless.

This is what I have so far.

click me! )

Right, and now I'm off to watch the last 3 episodes of Grandma's House. It's not bad; some really good lines there. Simon's cute in it anyway. ;D And according to Wikipedia a second series has been commissioned, so yay!

After that I'll probably watch the latest White Collar episode or Primeval (I'm 3 episodes behind atm). Or both if I have the time. *g*
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Wanted to make this post on Monday but somehow couldn't be bothered... *shrugs*

- First of all, thanks again to [ profile] fantasy_bubbles for the custom userhead!! It's lovely. :D I hope you're having a fabulous time on the Philippines, sweetie! <3<3

- A Happy Birthday to [ profile] utopian_sky!!! *hugs* All the best for you, hun. I hope you have a great day. :-)

- On Monday the weather was quite nice, so it was a good excuse to take a little walk and try out my new camera. :D Here, have some snow pics (what else is there to see at the moment, right? *lol*).
The whiteness... )

- Also finally could go to the post office on Monday and collect the Christmas parcel from my friend. \o/
more pressies )

- I redeemed my Amazon gift certificate for the Doctor Who calendar, which came today. \o/

It has some very nice pics. I especially like the one of my birthday month with the Doctor and the Weeping Angels. <3

- OMG, only 2 more days now until new Primeval!!! \o/ Soooo excited!! :D Hope it's going to be good.


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