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Thanks to everyone who thought of me yesterday and left me birthday messages here on LJ, on FB or Twitter or by any other means. :-)
Thank you again for the v-gift, [ profile] fry_addict!

I spent a nice, quiet day with just my parents and my two grannys. :-) We had some lovely cake and I also made cupcakes (chocolate with raspberry topping).


And in the evening we got pizza from a nearby pizzeria. *yummy*
These are the napkins we used btw. *love*


Got some good presents, too. :-) From my parents I got a hoover (My old one was already 11 years old and not in top form anymore. *g* Love this new one though. Doesn't need vacuum cleaner bags anymore), a bathroom clock, one of these scent vases you can put in the bathroom or whereever (see picture. Is there a proper English name for this?) and some money.


My mom also got me the Robin Hood series 2.1 BD, so I can finally continue watching this show. *yay* :D
From my grannys there was money of course, which is always a good thing. *g* I actually already spent some of it on towels and the rest will be used for new clothes. Hope I can find something nice on Tuesday.
And, last but not least, friends' presents were this little fellow...


Isn't he cute. :D And some DVDs (you never saw that coming, did you? :p *gg*): Criminal Minds season 4, Wall Of Silence (more James Nesbitt \o/) and One Hundred Mornings (Ciarán <3).

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Hello all. Yep, as you can see I am still alive... ;-)

I thought it was finally time to make a proper entry again. Well, somewhat proper. It's more like a kind of retrospective update or something. *lol* Mostly an excuse to post pics of my Xmas presents and cat really... ;D

I had a very nice Christmas. :-) As always, I spent Christmas Eve with my parents and both grannies this time.

Our Christmas tree...

...and our Christmas dinner. And no, we didn't eat the cat. :p *lol* Just the goose. But it was delicious!

Xmas presents )

Christmassy cat )

Btw, this is the case I bought for my iPhone. It looks awesome! <3


From 30 December until 4 January I was in Berlin to visit my friend. I've always spent New Year's with her these last past years and we always have a great time! :-) On New Year's Eve we played some board games (Keltis, Dominion and Qwirkle Cubes) which was great fun. :D And in the new year we had a shopping day at Alexanderplatz & Friedrichstrasse and the next day went to the cinema to see The Hobbit. <3

I only took exactly one photo this time. *lol* (Well, and one of her dog, but it didn't actually turn out well...)


Oh, and here's the stuff I bought in Berlin. I basically spent almost all of my Christmas money... *whistles innocently* *gg*


Oh, and my cat had "helped" packing my suitcase for Berlin. Just so you know. :D *lol*

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Well, you probably know the drill by now... ;-)

If you'd like a Christmas card from me, just leave me a comment with your address (comments are screened) or send me a PM. I don't mind at all where you're from or how long we've been in contact, so don't be shy. :-)

I'm gonna take requests up until 9 December and then I'll start sending out the cards.

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Well, you probably know the drill by now... ;-)

If you'd like a Christmas card from me, just leave me a comment with your address (comments are screened) or send me a PM. I don't mind at all where you're from or how long we've been in contact, so don't be shy. :-)

I'm gonna take requests up until 9 December and then I'll start sending out the cards.

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- Dentist appointment tomorrow. *ugh* Definitely not keen on that. :-/

- I still have no placement for an internship... This sucks big time, especially as the internship period is actually supposed to start on 3 September already, which only gives me 2 more weeks now to find something... *is deperate* Seems pretty unlikely, when so far I wasn't able to find anything in the past 8-9 weeks, right? *facepalm* I have one more interview on Monday (please keep your fingers crossed again!! pleeeaaase), but if that doesn't work out, frankly I don't know what to do... :-/

- On the weekend I finally managed to "update" my framed stagedoor photos. :D Had to take 6 older pictures out to fit 3 of the new London ones in and it was really hard to arrange them so they all would fit into the frame... ;-) It seriously took me an hour or so. o_o *lol* But I'm quite happy with the result now. :-)

(Sorry for picture quality here, especially in the bottom right area... Things and lights keep reflecting on the surface, so it's pretty hard to take a somewhat decent photo. ;-) *g*)

In the pictures (from left to right/ top to bottom, sort of *lol*): Michael Ball, Ben Mansfield, Philip Quast (yep, he's allowed to be in there twice <3), Reece Shearsmith, Simon Bowman, Norm Lewis, Killian Donnelly, Kasper Holmboe, Matt Rawle, Roger Allam, Veit Schäfermeier, Pia Douwes, Fredrik Wickerts, Thomas Borchert, Jörn Linnenbröker, Jerzy Jeszke, Aleks di Capri, Jens Janke, Felix Martin, Norbert Kohler and Olegg Vynnyk. Well, and myself, obviously, on some of them. ;D Some of the pictures are also autographed, but it doesn't show here too well...
This is what the frame looked like before btw, if you're interested. ;-) click

- Next week I'm gonna watch Sister Act again. *yay* Sadly the musical is leaving Hamburg on 26 August, so I had to take this as last oppurtunity... Already seen it once last year in July and enjoyed it so very much!! :D It's so much fun and many of the songs are really catchy. *g* Hope I'm as lucky with the cast as I was the last time. :-) 


- Also, if everything goes according to plan (and my boss does actually remember that I want that day off... *rolleyes*) I'm going to meet up with [ profile] fry_addict, [ profile] maggi137 and [ profile] vesperdavid in Hamburg on Saturday the 25th. Really looking forward to that! :-)
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Last week I ordered some Sherlock related stuff, a bag and a t-shirt, which I received on Saturday. \o/

The bag instantly became my new standard bag that I use to travel to Hamburg for the training course every day. :D It's awesome!! Pretty decent quality too, it seems.
The shirt at first delivery was a bit too tight unfortunately (even though I checked and compared with their sizetable)... But you can easily send it back to the shop and have it exchanged for another size (you have to pay the postage though if the product value is less than 40€). So today my exchange shirt arrived and it fits now. *yay* Love it! <3 (I'm just glad I chose 2 sizes larger right away, or I would've had the same problem again. *gg*) That was really fast btw. I only sent I off Wednesday and 2 days later it's already here, wow! :-)


Thanks to [ profile] maggi137 for mentioning this online shop! *g* They have lots of other cool and nerdy stuff, so I'm sure I'll order something there again. :D
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...that make you happy.

Good thing no. 1 & 2:

Yesterday I met up with [ profile] fry_addict in Hamburg. :-) Our third encounter. *g*
We went to Starbucks where we had a nice cup of coffee and, sitting in comfy armchairs at the window, chatted mainly about musicals/theatre, London/travelling and some fandoms. I had a very nice time. :-) Definitely would like to do this again sometime! Maybe in late spring when there's a chance of sitting outside in the sun or taking a nice walk? :-)

And this is what she brought me from her last London trip:

Autographs from Hadley Fraser and Ramin Karimloo. <3<3 *squeeeee* So. Much. Love!!!
Thank you so, so much for this, dear!! :-) *big hug* You can't imagine how happy this makes me. <3

Have found a good place for it now, too. :-)

BTW, did I already mention that, as I will be in London in mid-July, OF COURSE Hadley is leaving Les Mis in June... *facepalm* *cries* Sometimes I really think God hates me and doesn't want me to see my favourite people live on stage. :p FML. *lol*
Please, let's just all pray that at least I will be able to get a Sweeney Todd ticket and Michael Ball is actually playing then!! Pretty please? Thanks. :D

Good thing no. 3:

My parents picked up my "Game Of Thrones" BD box from the post office for me today. \o/ *yay*

The box looks really great! <3 Beautiful digipak with a little booklet that includes an episode guide, main characters overview, a map and a list of special features. And the bonus "photo book" is quite nice too (although nothing you would absolutely necessarily need I guess).
As I finished reading the first ASOIAF book last weekend I can finally start watching the TV series. \o/ (Yep, have not seen anything of it until now, although I would've had the opportunity to. Shame on me. :p) Sooo looking forward to it!!! *yeah* Starting later this evening with episode 1. :-)
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First of all, and I'm sorry I'm so late with this...
Thank you so much,[ profile] fry_addict, for the v-gift and the birthday greetings!! <3
Also thanks to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday in their journal or on Facebook. :-)

Didn't have to work today for a change, so I went on a shopping spree through the city. :D
This is what I came home with: 2 pairs of jeans, 3 sweaters and 1 blouse.
Not bad! And except for the blue jeans they were all reduced in price by 20% too. :-) I'm very pleased with them and I really, really needed some new things. On the other hand, all my birthday is now already gone again... *boo-hoo*


Yesterday I kinda out of the blue decided that it was finally time to continue watching Battlestar Galactica. :D I mean, it's only been nearly 2 years since I watched the miniseries and season 1, so it's not that late is it...? :p *lol*
I watched the first 2 episodes of season 2 yesterday evening, and still think the show's awesome. <3 More episodes will follow this evening and tomorrow, hopefully. Only 58 episodes and 2 movies to go. ;-) *lol*

Oh, and I've joined today. So if anyone of you is there as well and wants to be friends, let me know. :-) Still have to find my way around there a bit, though. *g*

AND I finally have a internet flatrate for my phone now. \o/ Yeah, baby! So I'll probably be a bit more active on Twitter and Facebook from now on. :D (Add me there too if you haven't already, please.)
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I was wondering why it was so quiet around here these last few days... But I just checked a couple of your journals (of people I know that they post more or less daily) and it turns out that apparently I'm just not receiving any notifs anymore since Wednesday. *doh* Fucking great, thanks a lot LJ! With only about 2-3 hours of free time each day during the week I definitely don't have the time to check all my friends' journals individually... *rollseyes*

So I'm very sorry if I miss any important things in your lives or fandoms. :-(

Is anyone else having this problem too or am I the only one? :-( I'm gonna go check now if there's anything wrong with my settings and otherwise just pray that my notifs will come back soon. So annoying!! *glares at lj*
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A very Happy Birthday to [ profile] caesaria!!! I hope you're enjoying your day. :D

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Happy Birthday, [ profile] spirited_lizard!!! I hope you're having a wonderful day. :-)

In other news:
My "Fright Night" BD arrived from Amazon today. \o/ *yay*

Looking very much forward to rewatching the movie on the weekend. :-) I actually planned to watch it this evening, but then I finally started playing "The Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion" on PS3 today and didn't stop for about 3 hours... xD I guess that means I'm really enjoying it. *gg* Anyway, it's a bit late now to start watching a movie I think, so I'll just watch the rest of the Quatsch Comedy Club anniversary show on TV now.
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Wow, haven't updated in ages it seems... :-( Mainly because I don't have much to say (nothing new there *lol*), but also because this time of year is always quite busy.
A big thanks to [ profile] spirited_lizard! I received your card today. :-) It's really cute plus I love the mini!advent calendar. <3
I'm gonna spend New Year's this year with my friend in Berlin again! *squee* It didn't happen last year (sadly), so I'm very happy about it. \o/ I'll be away from 27 Dec until 3 Jan. :-) My aunt + uncle are taking me along to Berlin in their car as they are going to see a musical there, and then I'll get home by train next year.
Lots of new stuff was being had in the last couple of weeks. :D

I'm lovin' Professor Layton (the series is actually one of my favourite for NDS!) and Mario Kart 7 (had never played a game of the series before. So. much. FUN!!! :D)! <3 Haven't had a go at Kingdom Hearts: Recoded and the Runaway game yet though...

Love him. And finally found this DVD for a good bargain price. :-)


And some presents I got for St. Nicholas' Day:

Yay!!! :D

Reindeer "Jingle" <3

chocolate! *yummy*

Also got 3 dishcloths and a bottle of Baileys Irish Cream <3.
So all in all a pretty good haul for the occasion. ;-) We usually only give each other a trifle...
In TV news: I'm finally all caught up with Primeval. \o/ About bloody time too I'd say. *lol* Also watched the Warehouse 13 Christmas Special yesterday (which was good!), so I'm all up-to-date with that that too, as well as with The Big Bang Theory and Community. I'm afraid I'm way behind with everything else though... O_O *ahem*
Next goal is to catch up with Doctor Who series 6 before the Christmas Special. :D I've got 7 episodes left and 11 days, so it should be doable. *g* ;-)
And last but not least: This is the last call to everyone who still wants a Christmas card from me. If you let me have your address until tomorrow afternoon at the latest you'll still get a card from me. :-) Then everything will be send off! ;-)
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Look what I just found in my letterbox. \o/

♥♥♥ *does the happy dance*
Care to guess what I'll be doing later? :D *gg*
Ramin!!!!! <3<3 Hadley!!!! <3<3 *happy sigh*

[ profile] maggi137: Nochmals vielen, vielen lieben Dank!! *bighugs*
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First of all, a happy belated birthday to [ profile] cherish4!! I hope a had a nice day! :-)


On Saturday I went to see Dieter Nuhr again. \o/ Totally can't believe it had already been more than a year since the last time... Where did that year go?!? o_o
Anyway, it was fantastic!! I had so much fun! Haven't laughed that much for quite a while. :D I really hope there'll be a DVD of this program, "Nuhr unter uns", next year! (I know a CD is gonna be released soon or soon-ish. *g*)
Afterwards I had a picture taken and got his autograph, of course. :-)


And here's some stuff I bought lately. :D )
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First of all, so I don't forget: a Happy Birthday to [ profile] dunkle_feuer!!
I hope you had a nice day. :-)


Yesterday I spent the whole day in Hamburg. Had a very good time. :-)
My original plan was to walk around a bit and take lots of pictures, but again I ended up mostly in the shopping areas... :p Didn't want to take pictures of the same things as the last time(s) either, so I only took about 15-20 pics in the end, and most of them not even of interest to anyone else but me. *g*

Read more + some pics )
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I can't believe it's October already! O_O

I haven't been around LJ much lately. Mainly because the last two weeks I had my final exams at school. Eek! Can't believe the 2 year training is already over now. Most of the exams went okay, a couple of them even good IMO. But I also think I probably failed 3 of them and the Spanish oral/interpreting one yesterday was a complete disaster too... *sighs* I'm actually only allowed to fail one of the exams, so I better prepare myself mentally to maybe have to take some of them again... But maybe I shouldn't worry too much already and wait for the results first, right? ;-)

Today I spent some hours outside, which was lovely. Gorgeous summer weather in October is weird gorgeous!
I played around with my camera a bit and discovered this setting called "Sandstrahl" (sandblast) that I never noticed before. I quite like it. :-)
some pics )

I'm looking very much forward to watching the live streaming of the Phantom Anniversary Concert with [ profile] fry_addict tomorrow. *yeah* Maybe I'm going to finally rewatch the 2004 Phantom Of The Opera movie tonight to get in the mood. :D

And last but not least, a happy belated birthday to [ profile] maryoftheriver. I hope you had a nice day!
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Happiest of birthdays to [ profile] baka_yu!! <3
I hope you have a wonderful day. Have lots of fun! :-)

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Yesterday it was time for the Kiel Lauf. It's a quite popular sports event here and it seems to be getting bigger every year. This year there were about 8,600 participants. 
This is also the first year that I took an active part in it. Go, me! *gg* Before I only ever was a spectator when my father did the half-marathon. ;-) And it actually went surprisingly well (considering that I virtually didn't do any training for it). I finished the 6km in 47 mins 25 sec. :-)

(taken before the start)                                               (about 1-2 km into the race)

In other news: I'm going to see a live streaming of the Phantom Of The Opera 25th Anniversary Concert with [ profile] fry_addict in a small cinema near Hamburg on 2 October. \o/ Yeah, baby! Really looking forward to that! <3
Thanks to [ profile] baka_yu for bringing up the idea and to [ profile] fry_addict for finding the cinema. :D
It'll probably be the next best thing to actually being live at the Royal Albert Hall. ;-) And it'll definitely be the first time I'm driving 76km just to get to a cinema... *lol*


Sep. 6th, 2011 11:21 am
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Right, haven't posted in ages... But I'm still alive. ;-)

Two weeks ago I bought a Nintendo 3DS and I guess some sort of gaming fever had me in its clutches since then. Hahaha. :D I'm really loving it! <3

Ok, and first of all I'd like to thank [ profile] fantasy_bubbles. Your sweeties arrived (nearly 2 weeks ago already actually... *blushes*). \o/ Thank you soooo much!!!! *hugs* They all look pretty yummy. <3

Also, I love that you went to all the trouble to paint the package as Union Jack. :D (Would post a picture, but obviously it has my address on it. ;-) So better not.) Thanks again!

And another thing I wanted to post about two weeks ago... On one of my sunday walks I took some pictures of wall paintings that I came across.
Look, murals! )

Thomas Borchert concert in Hamburg this evening!! \o/ Really looking forward to that. :-)
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I never thought I'd say this, but this is actually the first time I'm so glad I'm currently NOT in London... Horrible and scary times indeed! I'm really worried about what it'll come to and seeing some more pictures on the news just now actually brought some tears to my eyes. All this violence just seems so ridiculous and pointless. *headdesk* And apparently there was a first fatality now as well. :-(

My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone living in London and those who have friends and family there. And of course the cities where they are copycatting now (Birmingham, Liverpool, etc.)... Hope you all stay safe, dears!! xx


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