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I don't know if I ever mentioned this before, but I am actually quite fond of graveyards. I like walking around in the peace and quiet and look at all the different graves. :-)

So today I decided to visit our North Cemetery and in the end spent almost 2 hours there. *oops*
I hadn't been there before. According to the website, it was opened in 1878 and is the biggest cemetery in the city (about 16 ha). What also interested me most about it was the large number of soldier's graves, especially the ones of the British Commonwealth soldiers.


British Commonwealth War Cemetery )
other war graves )
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Thanks to everyone who thought of me yesterday and left me birthday messages here on LJ, on FB or Twitter or by any other means. :-)
Thank you again for the v-gift, [ profile] fry_addict!

I spent a nice, quiet day with just my parents and my two grannys. :-) We had some lovely cake and I also made cupcakes (chocolate with raspberry topping).


And in the evening we got pizza from a nearby pizzeria. *yummy*
These are the napkins we used btw. *love*


Got some good presents, too. :-) From my parents I got a hoover (My old one was already 11 years old and not in top form anymore. *g* Love this new one though. Doesn't need vacuum cleaner bags anymore), a bathroom clock, one of these scent vases you can put in the bathroom or whereever (see picture. Is there a proper English name for this?) and some money.


My mom also got me the Robin Hood series 2.1 BD, so I can finally continue watching this show. *yay* :D
From my grannys there was money of course, which is always a good thing. *g* I actually already spent some of it on towels and the rest will be used for new clothes. Hope I can find something nice on Tuesday.
And, last but not least, friends' presents were this little fellow...


Isn't he cute. :D And some DVDs (you never saw that coming, did you? :p *gg*): Criminal Minds season 4, Wall Of Silence (more James Nesbitt \o/) and One Hundred Mornings (Ciarán <3).

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Hello all. Yep, as you can see I am still alive... ;-)

I thought it was finally time to make a proper entry again. Well, somewhat proper. It's more like a kind of retrospective update or something. *lol* Mostly an excuse to post pics of my Xmas presents and cat really... ;D

I had a very nice Christmas. :-) As always, I spent Christmas Eve with my parents and both grannies this time.

Our Christmas tree...

...and our Christmas dinner. And no, we didn't eat the cat. :p *lol* Just the goose. But it was delicious!

Xmas presents )

Christmassy cat )

Btw, this is the case I bought for my iPhone. It looks awesome! <3


From 30 December until 4 January I was in Berlin to visit my friend. I've always spent New Year's with her these last past years and we always have a great time! :-) On New Year's Eve we played some board games (Keltis, Dominion and Qwirkle Cubes) which was great fun. :D And in the new year we had a shopping day at Alexanderplatz & Friedrichstrasse and the next day went to the cinema to see The Hobbit. <3

I only took exactly one photo this time. *lol* (Well, and one of her dog, but it didn't actually turn out well...)


Oh, and here's the stuff I bought in Berlin. I basically spent almost all of my Christmas money... *whistles innocently* *gg*


Oh, and my cat had "helped" packing my suitcase for Berlin. Just so you know. :D *lol*

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- Didn't get to see Skyfall again yesterday after all. :-( Which probably means I won't see it again until it's released on BD/DVD ('cause I'm not too keen on seeing the dubbed version again)... *sighs*
But it'll be released one day before my (and Daniel Craig's *g*) birthday, so good idea for a birthday present methinks. :D

- Spent a lovely day shopping in Hamburg with my mum today. :-)
Also bought some stuff, of course. *g*



Ok, so I spent an unreasonable amount of money on this magazine. O_O
Magazine imports from the UK or US are quite expensive over here (between double to triple of the original price), so I don't usually buy them... But I REALLY wanted this, mostly for the awesome holographic cover! <3

Oh, and last thing I bought was the Singstar Queen game for PS2. :D

- Dentist appointment tomorrow. *donotwant*
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So, I decided to finally jump on the e-book bandwagon and bought myself a Kindle. ;-)

It took me a while to decide which one to get. I was a bit torn between the Kindle Touch and the "normal" Kindle 4. Or maybe even wait for the Paperwhite?
In the end I chose the Kindle 4 though, as it seemed completely sufficient for my needs.

Well, I've had it for 2 weeks now and I totally love it! <3


And it definitely got me to read more again. \o/
In the 2 weeks that I've had it, I already finished 2 books and I'm already done with about a third of book number 3. Way to go, me! :D Before the Kindle I hadn't really found the enthusiasm to read at all anymore and therefore didn't read for weeks or even months...

In related book news:
I finally completed my collection and now own all of Wodehouse's "Jeeves" novels (+ stories). *yay*


I love the books! <3 So far I think "The Mating Season" was my favourite.
Currently I'm reading "Ring For Jeeves". It's the only one that doesn't feature Bertie, and I don't yet know quite what to make of it... But then again I've only read 2 or 3 chapters so far, so I've still got a bit of time to decide whether I like it or not. ;-) *g*
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Well, I'm still alive, obviously. ;-) Just been really, really busy and all...

My internship time ended yesterday (those 2 months just flew past!) and on Monday it's back to Hamburg again for 2 weeks...

Here are some photos I took during a little walk today.

autumn... )

And Jamie, having some fun with a leaf I brought home with me. :D

*miaow* )
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Facebook is being a little bitchy at the moment, apparently. :p
So I'm posting these photos here, too. Sorry. ;-) (With a little more commentary though. *g*)

So, Sister Act yesterday...


The 2nd time (and probably last, at least for a very looong time now it's leaving Hamburg...) I saw this musical. It was pretty much a perfect evening. <3 The show was absolutely fantastic, of course!! I enjoyed it every bit as much as the last time, maybe even more. *g* It's just so much fun and leaves you all in a happy mood. :-) Although it might also leave you a bit blind after all that glittering in the last scene... LOL ;-)

Castlist of the evening:

I had the same cast for Shank, Mary Patrick, Eddie and Monsignore as last year. The rest was completely different, which made for a nice change. And they all were brilliant! Afterwards at the stagedoor I didn't only get to meet the 3 people I had hoped for (namely Cusch, Tetje and Armin) but also some more as a "bonus". :D *yay*

Stagedoor pics )

Well, all in all a lovely evening was had and I'm sad to see the show leave Hamburg this Sunday... :-(
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So, this time I decided to visit some of the places where "Sherlock" was filmed. :D
I actually didn't get to see all that were on my list, but I think I managed most of the important ones...

Part 8 )

Coming next is an entry about my 4 theatre visits, including some stagedoor photos. :D This'll probably take a while longer though, because I want to write at least 2-3 sentences about each one and it might not be that easy to put all my thoughts and feels into words sometimes... ;-) *g*
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This is the last of my "sightseeing" parts. *phew* ;-)
Basically just some random things I came by during my walks...

Part 7 )

Next up: "Sherlock" locations :D
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The "sightseeing" part will consist of several parts of its own (probably 3 or more), because there are quite a lot of pictures I'd like to fit in here. ;-) They aren't really in any particular order...

Part 2 )
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Ok, here we go with the first part of my London 2012 report. :D
I decided to split them into themed entries instead of doing it chronologically by days...

Part 1 )
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(Ok, it's almost been a week now already, but I really didn't find the time to post this earlier...)

Last Monday (18 June) I went to see MerQury live at the Kieler Woche again. I was especially looking forward to it as I sadly didn't get to see them the previous year.

This was actually the 8th time I've seen them live. *yeah* As always it was a fantastic show!! :-)

Notable things:
- First time I've seen Johnny perform on stage without the moustache!! I was actually kinda shocked. *lol* Definitely was weird. :D
- As always I was standing in the first row. But they had a stage bridge thingy (*gg* is there a proper English name for it? I think it's called "Bühnensteg" in German) this year (and from the photos I've seen apparently already last year too), which meant I only got to see Johnny from behind or the side for at least half of the time... *lol*
- Volker winked at me. Twice. *happy sigh* :D *gg*
- No "Love Of My Life" this time. :-(( I really missed that! They played "These Are The Days Of Our Lives" instead which was nice too though.

I didn't think my photos (almost 180 *yikes* *gg*) would be much good this time, because there's always so much fog and the guys never bloody stand still and move around all the time... *lol* But about half of them are alright and some even turned out really good imho. :-)
See here )
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Yesterday I went to see Bob Geldof live at the Kieler Woche (Kiel Week).

I was at the "Rathausbühne" (stage on the town hall square) early enough to get to the 2nd row in front of the stage. *yeah* First there was the official opening of the Kieler Woche at 7.30 pm (first time I've actually been there to see that ceremony...) and after approx. 5 minutes of, let's call it "clearing the stage" and mini soundcheck *g*, the concert started at about 7.45 pm.

And it was fantastic! :-) I must confess that I didn't really know much about "Sir Bob" before this and also only knew maybe 2-3 of his songs... But I had a great time and enjoyed the music. "The Irish can't play football... But we can play music." Haha. :D Yes, you can. He played for 1.5 hours and, best part of it, completely for free. :-) 

Have some photos... )

Oh, and I filmed "I Don't Like Mondays", 'cause I love that song. <3 Am quite pleased at how it turned out, too. :-)

The weather... Well, I'd say it was tolerable. Definitely could have been a lot worse. ;-) It started raining a little right when the concert started, of course... :p But thankfully it was just occassional light rain showers. Only near the end of the concert it started raining continously and didn't stop again, so I arrived home soaking wet after all. *lol* But then it didn't really matter anymore and the evening was totally worth it. :-)
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Last week I ordered some Sherlock related stuff, a bag and a t-shirt, which I received on Saturday. \o/

The bag instantly became my new standard bag that I use to travel to Hamburg for the training course every day. :D It's awesome!! Pretty decent quality too, it seems.
The shirt at first delivery was a bit too tight unfortunately (even though I checked and compared with their sizetable)... But you can easily send it back to the shop and have it exchanged for another size (you have to pay the postage though if the product value is less than 40€). So today my exchange shirt arrived and it fits now. *yay* Love it! <3 (I'm just glad I chose 2 sizes larger right away, or I would've had the same problem again. *gg*) That was really fast btw. I only sent I off Wednesday and 2 days later it's already here, wow! :-)


Thanks to [ profile] maggi137 for mentioning this online shop! *g* They have lots of other cool and nerdy stuff, so I'm sure I'll order something there again. :D
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Happy Easter everyone! I hope you can all enjoy a nice long weekend. :-)

Saw this cute pic on a friend's FB page. <3

I spent Easter at my parent's house. Drove there on Saturday afternoon and just returned home. My grandma was also there, and yesterday we met the rest of the family (well, most of them anyway) at a restaurant for dinner. All in all I had quite a nice time. :-)
The Easter bunny was also very generous to me. *g* Apart from a fair amount of yummy chocolate it brought me this:

Love the idea of giving me the money in Pound Sterling! And no, I definitely never get even near this much for Easter. ;-) It also already includes some holiday money from my granny. *yay* This will pay nicely for 1-2 musical/theatre visits in London, I'd say. :-)

And last but not least, have a random Jamie pic. :D *lol*


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