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So, this time I decided to visit some of the places where "Sherlock" was filmed. :D
I actually didn't get to see all that were on my list, but I think I managed most of the important ones...

Part 8 )

Coming next is an entry about my 4 theatre visits, including some stagedoor photos. :D This'll probably take a while longer though, because I want to write at least 2-3 sentences about each one and it might not be that easy to put all my thoughts and feels into words sometimes... ;-) *g*
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This is the last of my "sightseeing" parts. *phew* ;-)
Basically just some random things I came by during my walks...

Part 7 )

Next up: "Sherlock" locations :D
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The "sightseeing" part will consist of several parts of its own (probably 3 or more), because there are quite a lot of pictures I'd like to fit in here. ;-) They aren't really in any particular order...

Part 2 )
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Ok, here we go with the first part of my London 2012 report. :D
I decided to split them into themed entries instead of doing it chronologically by days...

Part 1 )
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This is a kind of musical theatre special. :D

Basically just some pics of the London theatres I've been to so far. Which I realised weren't really that many yet... Well, I'll try to work on that the next times I'm in London. ;-)

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And here's part 2 of my London pics.

There'll be 4 London picspams now, by the way. At first I wanted to include my theatre photos in this one, but it would've been a bit long then, so I decided to put them into a seperate post. And FYI, part 4 will consist of my Natural History Museum pics.

London - part 2 )
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I've been to London (♥) a couple of times more, but I only have photos in digital form from my last 4 visits... As I have already posted my photos from last year, here is a mix with the ones from 2002, 2006 and 2009. Most of it will look very familiar, maybe only taken from a slightly different angle or something. :D *lol*
Oh yes, and this picspam will be in 2 or 3 parts. Just so you know. ;-)

London - part 1 )
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Another part of my 2009 England trip. ;-)

I totally love Shakespeare, so I was very happy to finally get to visit Stratford-upon-Avon. And it is one of the most beautiful towns I've ever been to. ♥ Definitely want to go there again someday!

We visited Shakespeare's Birthplace, Nash's House & New Place, Hall's Croft and Shakespeare's grave. :-)
Sadly we didn't have any time left for Anne Hathaway's Cottage and some of the other things, but hopefully next time...

Again I'm sorry for the length of this picspam. I just didn't have the heart to leave some of the pics out. ;-) *g*

photos )
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This should actually have been part of my 2009 England trip pictures, but somehow I never continued with that... *fails* So, better late than never. ;-)

We spent two days in Blackpool (only a couple of hours each though). Which you can probably tell from the pictures, because the first evening it was very cloudy and a bit stormy, and the second day the weather was very nice with mostly blue sky (although still a bit windy). I probably wouldn't want to spend my whole holidays in Blackpool (2-3 days would be alright), but I really enjoyed the place! And somehow I like being in (British) amusement arcades. :D *lol*

This picspam is slightly longer, as I had about 250(!) photos of Blackpool and just wasn't able to narrow them down to a maximum of 45... So I ended up with 58 pics which was still very hard work, believe me. ;D

here they are )
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Okay, again maybe not really "holiday", but whatever. ;-)

From the end of July 2002 until February 2003 I stayed in England to do an internship at a smaller company as part of my university studies. I lived and worked in Shepshed, a small town in Leicestershire. The next bigger town was Loughborough. I spent practically all my Saturdays in either Nottingham, Derby, Leicester or sometimes Loughborough, because there wasn't anything of interest in Shepshed... ;-)

These seriously are ALL the photos I have from these cities. I deeply regret not having taken lots more! But I guess if you live in one place/area for a longer time you kinda think that there's always another time to take some pictures... :-((

Loughborough )
Nottingham )
Derby )
Leicester )
Bonus!Shepshed )
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The second day in Liverpool.

Liverpool, 25.07.2009

The pictures )

We spent the day shopping and around the Albert Dock.
And we visited the "Beatles Story" exhibition. Pictures again in a seperate post. ;-)
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Our next holiday destination was Liverpool.

Liverpool, 24.07.2009

The pictures )

We arrived in Liverpool at around 4 pm. We stayed directly in the city on a small 24-hour car park.
Well, we are Beatles fans. So our first place to go was the Cavern Club. ;-) There was some live music, so we had a drink and listened for a while. Then we walked around the city centre a bit and had dinner at a restaurant.
The nightlife was very interesting. Lots of oddly dressed people. *g*
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I realised that I never continued with posting my summer holiday report... :-(
I don't really have the time or motivation for it at the moment, to be honest. But I thought I might at least share my photos.

So here we go. First one is:

Bath, 21.07.2009

The pictures )

We spent about 4 hours in the city. It started raining very heavily in the end (as you can see in the last pictures), so we left a bit earlier than we had planned.
It is a very nice city. Unfortunately we didn't really have the time to properly visit the museums and attractions, but we had some good looks from the outside. *g*
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Today we journey on, so after breakfast we have to pack (awning etc.). We leave Pevensey Bay at 11.15 am. In Brighton we do a little refuelling and get some groceries. At 3.50 pm we're having a little coffee break, for about 30 minutes. We need to do a bit of searching as the access road is a little concealed, but at we finally arrive at "Lower Foxhangers Farm" near Devizes, where we will be spending the night. They offer a little camping site, which is rather cosy and quiet. We're having dinner at 8.20 pm. Then we play a special kind of Yahtzee for about 2 hours (I won *yeah*). Afterwards it's bed time.

Heute reisen wir weiter, so dass wir nach dem Frühstück packen müssen (Vorzelt etc.). Um 11.15 Uhr verlassen wir Pevensey Bay. In Brighton tanken wir und kaufen ein paar Lebensmittel. Um 15.50 Uhr machen wir eine kleine Kaffeepause, etwa 30 Minuten. Wir müssen ein bisschen suchen, da die Zufahrt etwas versteckt ist, aber um 18 Uhr kommen wir endlich auf der "Lower Foxhangers Farm" in der Nähe von Devizes an, wo wir die Nacht verbringen werden. Hier wird ein kleiner Campingplatz geboten, der recht gemütlich und ruhig ist. Um 20.20 Uhr essen wir zu Abend. Dann spielen wir ca. 2 Stunden eine besondere Art von Yahtzee (ich hab gewonnen *juchu*). Danach ist Bettzeit.

Photos )
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Normal beginning of the day, with a shower and breakfast. At about noon we start for a walk along the beach to the town centre. There we're having a look around and then take a drink at "The Beach Tavern" pub. Back at the camping site at 3 pm. Some relaxing, then we play Triominoes for about 2.5 hours. We're having a barbecue at 7 pm. Afterwards we watch the newscast and do some planning for the next day. Off to bed at about 11 pm.

Normaler Tagesbeginn, mit Duschen und Frühstück. Gegen 12.00 Uhr mittags starten wir einen Spaziergang am Strand entlang zum Ortszentrum. Dort schauen wir uns etwas um und trinken dann etwas im "The Beach Tavern" Pub. Zurück am Campingplatz um 15.00 Uhr. Eín bisschen ausruhen, dann spielen wir etwa 2,5 Stunden
Triomino. Um 19.00 Uhr grillen wir. Anschliessend gucken wir die Nachrichten im Fernsehen und machen ein paar Pläne für den nächsten Tag. Ins Bett gegen 23.00 Uhr.

Photos )
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We start driving at 9 am. At 2.10 pm we arrive at the docks in Dunkerque (France). Check-In, then we have some time to kill before boarding, which we spend with coffee and biscuits. At 3.50 pm we get on the ferry, departure is at 4 pm. We find ourselves somewhere to sit and get some fish and chips from a restaurant (which sadly aren't too good...).
All time specifications from here on are "English time" (GMT)! ;-)
Arrival at Dover is at 5 pm. From there we drive on to Pevensey Bay, where we go on a camping site. We have quite a lot of wind here, but apart from that it is nice. We have something to eat and don't do much more this evening.

Wir fahren um 9 Uhr los. Um 14.10h erreichen wir den Fähranleger in Dunkerque (Frankreich). Check-In, dann müssen wir ein bisschen Zeit totschlagen, die wir mit Kaffee und Keksen verbringen. Um 15.50 Uhr kommen wir auf die Fähre, Abfahrt ist um 16 Uhr. Wir suchen uns einen Platz zum sitzen und holen uns in einem Restaurant Fish & Chips (die leider nicht sehr gut sind...). 
Alle Zeitangaben ab hier sind "englische Zeit" (GMT)! ;-)
Ankunft in Dover um 17 Uhr. Von dort fahren wir weiter bis nach Pevensey Bay, wo wir auf einen Campingplatz gehen. Hier ist es ziemlich windig, aber ansonsten ganz nett. Wir essen etwas und machen diesen Abend nicht mehr viel.

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