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So, I decided to finally jump on the e-book bandwagon and bought myself a Kindle. ;-)

It took me a while to decide which one to get. I was a bit torn between the Kindle Touch and the "normal" Kindle 4. Or maybe even wait for the Paperwhite?
In the end I chose the Kindle 4 though, as it seemed completely sufficient for my needs.

Well, I've had it for 2 weeks now and I totally love it! <3


And it definitely got me to read more again. \o/
In the 2 weeks that I've had it, I already finished 2 books and I'm already done with about a third of book number 3. Way to go, me! :D Before the Kindle I hadn't really found the enthusiasm to read at all anymore and therefore didn't read for weeks or even months...

In related book news:
I finally completed my collection and now own all of Wodehouse's "Jeeves" novels (+ stories). *yay*


I love the books! <3 So far I think "The Mating Season" was my favourite.
Currently I'm reading "Ring For Jeeves". It's the only one that doesn't feature Bertie, and I don't yet know quite what to make of it... But then again I've only read 2 or 3 chapters so far, so I've still got a bit of time to decide whether I like it or not. ;-) *g*

Date: 2012-11-11 09:05 pm (UTC)
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Yay for the Kindle!! :D I've noticed with mine, as well, that I have the urge to read more! I've already read one book on there and started a second, with which I was 1/4 through in no time, it seemed. But in the meantime, I was also reading a "real" book, and it's giving me a hard time. "Everything is illuminated", so weird, with that writing style. I think I'll be glad when I'm through with it and can concentrate on other books again. But I don't easily give up on books either, and I'm almost through with it anyway, so I'll finish that sob! LOL


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