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Well, I'm still alive, obviously. ;-) Just been really, really busy and all...

My internship time ended yesterday (those 2 months just flew past!) and on Monday it's back to Hamburg again for 2 weeks...

Here are some photos I took during a little walk today.

autumn... )

And Jamie, having some fun with a leaf I brought home with me. :D

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The months just seem to be flying past. *sighs*
Really hope that one day I'll finally get around to make proper entries here again... ;-) But it's really just easier/quicker to post things on Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook. *shrugs*

Rewatches are in italics. * = seen at the cinema

79. The Awakening (2011)
80. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2010)
81. Eden Lake (2008)
82. Lizzy und der Kommissar (2010)
83. Shame (2011)
84. Nein, Aus, Pfui! Ein Baby an der Leine (2012)
85. Jonah Hex (2010)
86. The Bourne Legacy (2012) *
87. The Pirates! Band Of Misfits (2012)

190. Two And A Half Men 9x14 - A Possum On Chemo
191. Robin Hood (2006) 3x07 - Too Hot To Handle
192. Robin Hood (2006) 3x08 - The King Is Dead, Long Live The King...
193. The Armstrong & Miller Show 1x01
194. The League Of Gentlemen 1x01 - Welcome To Royston Vasey
195. The Armstrong & Miller Show 1x02
196. Agatha Christie's Poirot 11x04 - Appointment With Death
197. Once Upon A Time 1x01 - Pilot
198. Once Upon A Time 1x02 - The Thing You Love Most
199. Once Upon A Time 1x03 - Snow Falls
200. Pastewka 6x01 - Der Hausmeister
201. Will & Grace 7x17 - The Birds And The Bees
202. Will & Grace 7x18 - The Fabulous Baker Boy
203. Will & Grace 7x19 - Sour Balls
204. Will & Grace 7x20 - The Blonde Leading The Blind
205. Will & Grace 7x21 - It's A Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World
206. Will & Grace 7x22 - From Queer To Eternity
207. Will & Grace 7x23 - Friends With Benefits
208. Will & Grace 7x24 - Kiss And Tell
209. Will & Grace 8x01 - Alive And Schticking
210. Will & Grace 8x02 - I Second That Emotion
211. Will & Grace 8x03 - The Old Man And The Sea
212. Will & Grace 8x04 - Steams Like Old Times
213. Once Upon A Time 1x04 - The Price Of Gold
214. Suburban Shootout 1x05 - Dance Chill
215. Suburban Shootout 1x06 - Throw Momma From The Train
216. Suburban Shootout 1x07 - Let The Binging Commence
217. Suburban Shootout 1x08 - What Do I Hear For Rod Stewart's Thong?
218. The Big Bang Theory 6x01 - The Date Night Variable
219. Is It Legal? 1x01 - Death In Hounslow
220. Is It Legal? 1x02 - Whodunnit?

Book Meme

Sep. 2nd, 2012 12:37 am
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Snagged from [ profile] spirited_lizard.

Go to page 44, of the current book you are reading, or a random book and type out the first 5 complete sentences at the top of the page.

But on their second pass Ser Meryn swung the point of his lance to strike Ser Hobber in the chest, driving him from the saddle to crash resoundingly to the earth. Ser Horas cursed and ran out to help his battered brother from the field.
"Poorly ridden," declared King Joffrey.
"Ser Balon Swann, of Stonehelm in the Red Watch", came the herald's cry. Wide white wings ornamented Ser Baldon's greathelm, and black and white swans fought on his shield.

-- George R.R. Martin, "A Clash Of Kings"
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Yep, it's that time of the month again already. ;-) *gg*

Rewatches are in italics. * = seen at the cinema

63. Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 1 (2010)
64. The Dark Knight Rises (2012) *
65. Im Namen der Braut (2006)
66. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011)
67. Carla (2003)
68. Gefühlte XXS - Vollschlank & frisch verliebt (2008)
69. Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (2011)
70. David Copperfield (1999)
71. The Decoy Bride (2011)
72. Batman Begins (2005)
73. Jane Eyre (2011)
74. Inglourious Basterds (2009)
75. Centurion (2010)
76. Sherlock Holmes And The Case Of The Silk Stocking (2004)
77. Fish Tank (2009)
78. The Dark Knight (2008)

175. Primeval 3x08
176. Primeval 3x09
177. Primeval 3x10
178. Primeval 4x01
179. Warehouse 13 4x02 - An Evil Within
180. Will & Grace 7x14 - Partners
181. Will & Grace 7x15 - Bully Woolley
182. Will & Grace 7x16 - Dance Cards & Greeting Cards
183. Warehouse 13 4x03 - Personal Effects
184. Primeval 4x02
185. White Collar 4x04 - Parting Shots
186. Two And A Half Men 9x12 - One False Move, Zimbabwe!
187. Two And A Half Men 9x13 - Slowly And In A Circular Fashion
188. Robin Hood (2006) 3x05 - Let The Games Commence
189. Robin Hood (2006) 3x06 - Do You Love Me?
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Facebook is being a little bitchy at the moment, apparently. :p
So I'm posting these photos here, too. Sorry. ;-) (With a little more commentary though. *g*)

So, Sister Act yesterday...


The 2nd time (and probably last, at least for a very looong time now it's leaving Hamburg...) I saw this musical. It was pretty much a perfect evening. <3 The show was absolutely fantastic, of course!! I enjoyed it every bit as much as the last time, maybe even more. *g* It's just so much fun and leaves you all in a happy mood. :-) Although it might also leave you a bit blind after all that glittering in the last scene... LOL ;-)

Castlist of the evening:

I had the same cast for Shank, Mary Patrick, Eddie and Monsignore as last year. The rest was completely different, which made for a nice change. And they all were brilliant! Afterwards at the stagedoor I didn't only get to meet the 3 people I had hoped for (namely Cusch, Tetje and Armin) but also some more as a "bonus". :D *yay*

Stagedoor pics )

Well, all in all a lovely evening was had and I'm sad to see the show leave Hamburg this Sunday... :-(
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- Dentist appointment tomorrow. *ugh* Definitely not keen on that. :-/

- I still have no placement for an internship... This sucks big time, especially as the internship period is actually supposed to start on 3 September already, which only gives me 2 more weeks now to find something... *is deperate* Seems pretty unlikely, when so far I wasn't able to find anything in the past 8-9 weeks, right? *facepalm* I have one more interview on Monday (please keep your fingers crossed again!! pleeeaaase), but if that doesn't work out, frankly I don't know what to do... :-/

- On the weekend I finally managed to "update" my framed stagedoor photos. :D Had to take 6 older pictures out to fit 3 of the new London ones in and it was really hard to arrange them so they all would fit into the frame... ;-) It seriously took me an hour or so. o_o *lol* But I'm quite happy with the result now. :-)

(Sorry for picture quality here, especially in the bottom right area... Things and lights keep reflecting on the surface, so it's pretty hard to take a somewhat decent photo. ;-) *g*)

In the pictures (from left to right/ top to bottom, sort of *lol*): Michael Ball, Ben Mansfield, Philip Quast (yep, he's allowed to be in there twice <3), Reece Shearsmith, Simon Bowman, Norm Lewis, Killian Donnelly, Kasper Holmboe, Matt Rawle, Roger Allam, Veit Schäfermeier, Pia Douwes, Fredrik Wickerts, Thomas Borchert, Jörn Linnenbröker, Jerzy Jeszke, Aleks di Capri, Jens Janke, Felix Martin, Norbert Kohler and Olegg Vynnyk. Well, and myself, obviously, on some of them. ;D Some of the pictures are also autographed, but it doesn't show here too well...
This is what the frame looked like before btw, if you're interested. ;-) click

- Next week I'm gonna watch Sister Act again. *yay* Sadly the musical is leaving Hamburg on 26 August, so I had to take this as last oppurtunity... Already seen it once last year in July and enjoyed it so very much!! :D It's so much fun and many of the songs are really catchy. *g* Hope I'm as lucky with the cast as I was the last time. :-) 


- Also, if everything goes according to plan (and my boss does actually remember that I want that day off... *rolleyes*) I'm going to meet up with [ profile] fry_addict, [ profile] maggi137 and [ profile] vesperdavid in Hamburg on Saturday the 25th. Really looking forward to that! :-)
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And another month gone. They really just seem to fly past lately, don't they? :-/
I did get to watch a few more movies than in June (most of them on TV), but less TV shows...
As you can see, I started a Primeval re-watch of series 3-5, also known to me as the "Captain Becker episodes". ;D *gg* Because I'm still not entirely over the fact that I actually got to meet Ben Mansfield in London 2 weeks ago. ♥♥ *squeeeee*

Rewatches are in italics. * = seen at the cinema

55. Charlotte's Web (2006)
56. Endeavour (2012)
57. Ein Scheusal zum Verlieben (1999)
58. Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street (2007)
59. Alvin And The Chipmunks (2007)
60. Kick-Ass (2010)
61. A Perfect Getaway (2009)
62. Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix (2007)

162. Primeval 2x04
163. Primeval 2x05
164. Warehouse 13 4x01 - A New Hope
165. White Collar 4x01 - Wanted
166. White Collar 4x02 - Most Wanted
167. White Collar 4x03 - Diminishing Returns
168. Primeval 3x01
169. Primeval 3x02
170. Primeval 3x03
171. Primeval 3x04
172. Primeval 3x05
173. Primeval 3x06
174. Primeval 3x07
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So, this time I decided to visit some of the places where "Sherlock" was filmed. :D
I actually didn't get to see all that were on my list, but I think I managed most of the important ones...

Part 8 )

Coming next is an entry about my 4 theatre visits, including some stagedoor photos. :D This'll probably take a while longer though, because I want to write at least 2-3 sentences about each one and it might not be that easy to put all my thoughts and feels into words sometimes... ;-) *g*
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This is the last of my "sightseeing" parts. *phew* ;-)
Basically just some random things I came by during my walks...

Part 7 )

Next up: "Sherlock" locations :D
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Awesome!! Can't wait for this!!!! :D
I missed the boys so much. <3

Any other Red Dwarf fans on my f-list? :-)
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The "sightseeing" part will consist of several parts of its own (probably 3 or more), because there are quite a lot of pictures I'd like to fit in here. ;-) They aren't really in any particular order...

Part 2 )
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Ok, here we go with the first part of my London 2012 report. :D
I decided to split them into themed entries instead of doing it chronologically by days...

Part 1 )
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I'm back from London!! Arrived home at about 2.30 pm yesterday.

I really had the most amazing time!!! ♥♥♥
Saw 4 shows in 3 days (and met the people I hoped for afterwards <3), visited some "Sherlock" locations, did a little bit of sightseeing and shopping, and generally walked around a lot. *g* It was just great! I had so much fun!! :-)

Believe me, I SO didn't want to leave on Thursday morning (especially that early in the morning!). :-( Actually had to fight some tears on the plane...

Anyway, there will be photos of course. :D I have LOTS of them. *gg* Will really take quite a while to sort through them all and decide which ones are the best to show. ;-) I think it's best to split them into several entries again in any case. Not sure yet whether I'm gonna do it chronologically or themed or whatever though...

See ya!

Jul. 13th, 2012 07:09 pm
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As some of you already know I'm flying to London tomorrow evening, so I won't be around for a couple of days...

LONDON!!!! <3 *squeeeeee* I'm sooo excited already!!! I have lots of things planned, so let's see how many of them I actually get done. :D *gg* Please keep your fingers crossed for a smooth flight, an at least ok hotel room (haven't been to that one before) and luck with my musical visits. Oh, and no rain would be swell, too. Thanks. ;-)

Will definitely post some photos when I'm back and maybe even write a little report.
See ya!! :-)
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Ok, apparently June was a pretty lame month... I was too busy or lazy/tired to watch stuff most of the time. :-( *sighs*

Rewatches are in italics. * = seen at the cinema

51. Archipelago (2010)
52. Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008)
53. Snow White And The Huntsman (2012) *
54. A Fish Called Wanda (1988)

144. Sirens 1x02 - Two Man Race
145. Community 3x20 - Digital Estate Planning
146. Community 3x21 - The First Chang Dynasty
147. Community 3x22 - Introduction To Finality
148. Suburban Shootout 1x04 - Botox Rox
149. Community 1x23 - Modern Warfare
150. Community 2x14 - Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
151. Never Mind The Buzzcocks 19x05
152. Doctor Who 3x10 - Blink
153. Will & Grace 7x05 - Key Party
154. Will & Grace 7x06 - The Newlydreads
155. Will & Grace 7x07 - Will & Grace & Vince & Nadine
156. Will & Grace 7x08 - Saving Grace, Again (1)
157. Will & Grace 7x09 - Saving Grace, Again (2)
158. Will & Grace 7x10 - Queens For A Day (1)
159. Will & Grace 7x11 - Queens For A Day (2)
160. Will & Grace 7x12 - Christmas Break
161. Will & Grace 7x13 - Board Games
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(Ok, it's almost been a week now already, but I really didn't find the time to post this earlier...)

Last Monday (18 June) I went to see MerQury live at the Kieler Woche again. I was especially looking forward to it as I sadly didn't get to see them the previous year.

This was actually the 8th time I've seen them live. *yeah* As always it was a fantastic show!! :-)

Notable things:
- First time I've seen Johnny perform on stage without the moustache!! I was actually kinda shocked. *lol* Definitely was weird. :D
- As always I was standing in the first row. But they had a stage bridge thingy (*gg* is there a proper English name for it? I think it's called "Bühnensteg" in German) this year (and from the photos I've seen apparently already last year too), which meant I only got to see Johnny from behind or the side for at least half of the time... *lol*
- Volker winked at me. Twice. *happy sigh* :D *gg*
- No "Love Of My Life" this time. :-(( I really missed that! They played "These Are The Days Of Our Lives" instead which was nice too though.

I didn't think my photos (almost 180 *yikes* *gg*) would be much good this time, because there's always so much fog and the guys never bloody stand still and move around all the time... *lol* But about half of them are alright and some even turned out really good imho. :-)
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